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The art of eating everything that
you wish for
While finding your own
ideal body
Frida Bender


Hello and welcome!  


What would your life be like if you could eat exactly what you want, how much you want and when ever you wanted it, without it affecting your body in a negative way?


Had it not been great to actually lose weight without having to count calories, loose the carbs or follow a strict diet?

Being able to eat what you appreciate most and at the same time get a permanent weight loss?  


Imagine a life where you do not get any ban, the bad conscience, the jojobantand and the constant inner and outer struggle.

Imagine a life where you have a healthy and harmonious relationship with food, a life in which you enjoy your body, feel worthy, free and happy.

A life where you eat everything you love and desire, while finding your ideal body.


This is no utopia. It is actually fully possible to live just like this, I can go well for that. I have personally made this trip and can I do it (with my luggage), anyone can do it! What is required is the courage to think in new courses.

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