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Law of attraction & weight loss

💛💛💛 Do you know that the road to your ideal body is a path that you enjoy, via choices that feel good?

Do you wonder sometimes, if youÂŽre moving closer to your goals or if youÂŽre moving away from them?

Well, you're either moving with the flow or against it.

You cannot think a positive and a negative thought at the same time, you cannot be in favour of something and against it at the same time, you cannot be in balance and out of balance at the same time.

The easiest way to know in which direction you®re moving, is to recognize how you feel: "What I'm thinking right now, does it feel good"? "This thing that I'm doing right now, does it feel good"? "What I'm eating right now, does it feel good"? If it feels good, you're on the path! 💚

There's not anything that, in and of itself can "destroy" your journey, the only thing that can stand in your way, is your resistance to it.

So when you feel good, you®re also resistance free, which is the same as being on the "right" path! 💛💛💛

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